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The Relationship Fix

Relationships aren’t easy, even the good ones. If you are on the verge of a divorce or break up, you’re in a great relationship but want to take it to the next level, or you’re single and want to make sure your next relationship is better, this book is for you.

In The Relationship Fix, Dr. Jenn Mann, host of VH1’s hit show Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn and popular radio show host gives you the must-have tools and skills to take your relationship to the next level and fix what isn’t working. Based on almost three decades of clinical experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, her work as a relationship expert on television and radio, and cutting edge research Dr. Jenn guides you to improve and fix your relationship. Filled with case studies, stories from her clients on Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn and her own personal experiences, Dr. Jenn will teach you everything you need to know to have a deeper more satisfying relationship.

Reading this book is like sitting down for a personal session with Dr. Jenn in her treatment room. Using her tell it like it is approach Dr. Jenn will guide you through the six steps needed to get your relationship on track and help you to:

use conflicts to strengthen your relationship create connection with your partner, even if you haven’t felt it for years

  • Change bad patterns
  • Recognize and know what to do when unresolved issues are hurting the relationship
  • Negotiate effectively to get your needs met in your relationship
  • Make an effective apology using the four R’s
  • Learn to forgive
  • Re-ignite your sex life

SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years of Life

As parents, we want to give our children every advantage to be as healthy, smart, and happy as possible. Research shows that the first three years of development are the most crucial. It is during this period that children learn to form attachments, develop a sense of self, and build trust. The right kind of stimulation during this time can be particularly effective in creating neural connections that promote intelligence and help a child to reach his full potential.

In SuperBaby, Dr. Jenn Mann points out all the critical windows of opportunity you need to know, explaining how to best take advantage for your child’s optimal mental and emotional growth. Following her suggestions will be fun for the whole family and help create a stronger bond between you.

  • Simple steps to invoke cooperation
  • The truth about learning toys and videos
  • Create an enriched environment in your home without spending a fortune
  • Discover how to better read and respond to your child’s cues
  • Easy-to-learn touch techniques to increase growth and cognitive development
  • How to teach good sleep habits from the start
  • Learn to utilize developmental milestones to help your child love nutritious foods

Filled with tables, lists, helpful scripts, recommended books and resources, SuperBaby also includes parenting stories from Dr. Jenn’s psychotherapy practice as well as from her own experience as a mother. You’ll refer to her book time and again for common sense and research-based advice on successful, real world parenting.

The A to Z Guide To Raising Happy Confident Kids

Parents no longer have time to read long books about the theories of parenting. What they want are quick pieces of advice geared to their busy lifestyles and immediate needs. Dr. Jenn comes to the rescue with this fun yet useful book that offers 26 short chapters on everything from pets to being a sports parent to healthy relationships to food to keeping your marriage as much fun as it was before the children arrived.

Designed to be browsed or picked up from time to time for specific help, the book provides insight and guidance for any parent but focuses on those with toddlers to third grade. Upbeat, lively, and humorous, this book answers parents’ most frequent questions about how to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. Because every chapter is only a few pages long and can stand on its own, busy parents can read what they need when they need it.

Rockin’ Babies

Rockin’ Babies is a smart baby board book for hip babies with happening parents. The book has a humorous edgy theme using plays on words about rock stars to talk about every day babies and their experiences. Since every baby is the rock star of their family, parents will find themselves laughing out loud and babies will want them to read Rockin’ Baby over and over again.