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Helping Kids Cope with the Newtown Shooting

December 14th a gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire. Minutes later 26 people were dead, 20 of which were children. Regardless of whether or not you are a parent, have kids in elementary school or have been a victim of gun violence this kind of trauma shakes us all to the […]

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Naturepedic and Other SuperBaby Winners

Drum roll please. The winners are…. The Naturepedic Organic Mattress Raffle Tickets Winners are: 9/13 The Pump Station in Westlake Village- Leah Dwin 9/14 West LA Parents of Multiples- Dina Goodwin 9/15 The Little Seed- Donna Holloran 9/16 The Pump Station Santa Monica- Jessica Garland Other Raffle Ticket Give-Aways: SuperBaby Onesie by Retail Therapy– Melanie […]

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More Teen Violence

Today I was on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell talking about Wayne Treacy, the 15 year old boy who was arrested for beating 15 year old Josie Ratley to near death. Both teens attend Deerfield Beach Middle School, the same school where former classmate Matthew Bent and four of his friends were charged with attempted murder for dousing a […]

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The Media’s Contribution to Eating Disorders

On Monday, The Royal College of Psychiatrists called on the media to stop promoting unhealthy body images and glamorizing eating disorders. Recognizing that the media contributed to unhealthy body image and eating disorders, the group has asked for three changes: 1. More people with diverse body shapes represented by advertisers and in the press. 2. […]

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To Forgive or Not to Forgive… That is the Question

Between Tiger Woods’ many affairs, former presidential candidate John Edwards denying being the baby daddy to his mistresses’ two year old child, Charlie Sheen’s alleged domestic violence and Governor Mark Sanford’s highly publicized tryst in Buenos Aires, people have been asking me a lot about forgiveness. While marital infidelity is never acceptable, there is a big difference […]

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Teens Light “Friend” on Fire- Did they Know What They Were Doing?

Today I was on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell  discussing the Michael Brewer case. According to police reports 15-year-old Brewer owed Matthew Bent $40 for a video game, so Bent tried to steal Brewer’s dad’s bike as compensation. Brewer’s family had Bent arrested. The next day, Michael was approached by five 15-and-13 year-old boys, including Bent. Denver […]

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