Retail Therapy

Dr. Jenn Interview

Started by Dr. Jenn and Stefanie Lain, a stylist, Retail Therapy provides
the latest in “feel good” apparel and accessories. The motto “take care of yourself,
take care of the world” inspires us to be organic, recycled, and earth-friendly
in our products. Retail Therapy supports good causes by donating a percentage
of profit to reputable charities. Retail Therapy products are ones you can feel good about buying, wearing, and using.

Retail Therapy tees have already been seen on television and on the big screen. A favorite with celebrities and their kids, our tees have been seen in US Weekly, Star, and People magazines.

After you take the Retail Therapy tag off your new shirt, please don’t throw it away! Plant it! Just prepare a pot of soil or small patch of garden, place plantable tag on top and cover with a thin layer of soil. Water well and give it plenty of sunshine. Make sure to keep it moist during germination and feel free to send us photos of your flowers! We love to see our plantable tags in full bloom!

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