No More Diets iPhone & iPad App

No More Diets: Dr. Jenn Berman’s Guide to Overcoming Overeating and Losing

Let psychotherapist, author, television and radio host Dr. Jenn Berman, guide
you through the No More Diets program so you can develop a healthy relationship
with food and lose weight once and for all. This app is for anyone who:

  • wants to lose weight
  • is tired of yo-yo dieting
  • struggles with binges
  • is an emotional eater
  • feels their eating is out of control
  • wants to make peace with food

Using the non-diet approach, Dr. Jenn explains why diets don’t work, provides
eating guidelines, teaches users how to rate hunger with the hunger scale,
keep a successful Food & Feelings Log, gives tips for before/during/after
a binge, and offers suggestions for support.


  • Integrated videos with tips and suggestions from Dr. Jenn
  • No More Diets e-book filled with information, tips, tools, and support
  • No More Diets Guidelines
  • Food & Feelings Log
  • 3 Hunger scales to rate your hunger before/midway/after each meal
  • Writing exercise to reduce negative self talk
  • Legalizing food log
  • Customizable self care list
  • Tips to avoid binges
  • Audio Eating Exercise in which Dr. Jenn guides users through a meal using the No More Diets tools
  • Reports to track user progress
  • Support suggestions and recommended books
  • Explanation of the Stages of Recovery
  • Inspirational "Words of Wisdom" each time you user opens the app

Listen to Dr Jenn talk about the app on

      Wake up with Taylor

Note: You should not undertake any changes in diet or exercise patterns without
first consulting your physician. This is especially important if you are being
treated for any medical condition. If you have an eating disorder or psychiatric
condition, you should consult your mental health provider before beginning
this app or utilizing any of the suggestions.