For radio show callers

The Dr. Jenn Show

Stars channel 109 on Sirius XM
7-9 west/8-10 east Monday through Friday

Or email

Tips for Callers:

  • Make sure you turn your radio off.
  • Try to be concise with the call screener, letting him/her know what your
    question is for Dr. Jenn.
  • Please do not call with comments about the show or a general topic. The
    show is for call-in advice only.
  • While you are waiting on hold write down your question so you don’t forget
    it, if you get nervous.
  • In order to make good use of the brief time you will have on the line
    with Dr. Jenn, please don’t start your call with small talk or questions
    like "how
    are you?"
  • If you are calling regarding a following up call, make sure to start your
    discussion with Dr. Jenn with a brief description of the previous call in
    order to help other listeners who might not have heard that call.

Tips for Emails:

  • Please know that Dr. Jenn cannot answer emails off the air.
  • Try to keep emails short (500-700 words).
  • When you sign the email with your name, please note if Dr. Jenn can use
    the name that you used or if she should use an alias.
  • Make sure to listen regularly so you can hear if your email is read.
  • Dr. Jenn cannot let you know in advance if your email will be read on
    the air.
  • Dr. Jenn cannot provide you with referrals to a therapist. If you need
    to find a therapist go to the Find a Therapist section of this
    site for a list of therapist finder services.

There is no guarantee that your email will be read on the air. Due to the volume of emails received, Dr. Jenn cannot respond to emails personally and cannot let you know in advance if/when your email will be read on the show.