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For Singles 100 Places to Meet People

Take a class that interests you. Extension classes or places like the Learning Annex are great places to meet people with similar interests. Take a wine tasting class. It is a great way to impress your friends at the dinner table or your next date, and you just might meet someone interesting in the process. […]

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Thinking About Going Vegetarian? 5 Reasons for Your Whole Family to Make the Change

There is a movement in this country towards more conscious eating; eating that requires thought about how food choices effect the environment, how animals are treated and, of course, how foods affect our bodies. It has been estimated that 7.3 millions adults follow a vegetarian diet and of those 1 million are vegan (do not […]

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Is TV Killing Us… and Our Kids?

An article in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times entitled Hours Sitting in Front of TV Found to Shorten Life revealed the results of a new study that found that each hour per day spent watching TV was linked with an 18% increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and a 9% increased risk of death from […]

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