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The Importance of Reading Los
Angeles Times
10-17-2010 JPG
Best Seller List (3 Weeks) Los
Angeles Times
10-24-2010 Link
Times Best Seller List (#19 Hardback) Los
Angeles Times
10-10-2010 Link
Times Best Seller List (#3 Hardback) Los
Angeles Times
10-03-2010 Link
Top Toys for Toddlers Babble 9-07-2010
The Talk Show Parents Magazine 9-01-2010 PDF
Parenting Grows Up Publishers
03-15-2010 PDF
Momtastic Work,
Life & Balance: Dr. Jenn Berman
12-1-2010 Link
The Twin Coach Interview
With Dr. Jenn Berman, Author of "SuperBaby"
8-27-2010 Link
Features: Dr. Jenn Berman Motherhood
Later… Than Sooner
8-14-2010 Link
Jersey Magazine
Your Baby a Head Start
8-31-2010 Link
Parenting Mysteries Solved… A
Bittersweet Existence
9-15-2010 Link
Giving Your Child a head Start in the First Three Years Positive Parenting Radio 9-27-2010
Joseph Planta The Commentary with
Joseph Planta
10-8-2010 Link
She Knows Planning
Ahead, Thinking About Spanking
Making Time for Mommy New
Ways to Handle 6 Typical baby and Toddler Scenarios
10-8-2010 Link
Making Time for Mommy 6
Tips To Encourage Language Development
10-1-2010 Link
Preganancy Magazine Baby
10-5-2010 Link Helping
Baby Go Vintage
Babble Top
Toys for Tots
Avoid Power Struggles Los Angeles Family Magazine 10-03-2010 PDF
The Pump Station Tantrum Avoidance: Seven Simple Scripts for Real Life Moments with Babies
and Toddlers
9-1-2010 Link
New Parent The
Toys You Should Buy