As a father of seven and grandfather I’ve read my share of fluffy bunny books but here’s a book I can really get behind. Rockin’ Babies rocks! — Quincy Jones

Rockin’ Babies is my new favorite kids book, but more importantly my daughters can’t get enough. Unique, fun, and cool… you won’t be able to get enough either. — Samantha Harris

Each and every baby is a star in this adorable new board book that moms’ in
Hollywood and beyond will delight in reading to their little ones!Bonnie Fuller

So cute and so cool you will look forward to reading it to your baby every
night. — Kellie Martin

Not sure who enjoyed it more, me or my kids, the first fifty times we read
it. Today they are still going strong with, “Weed Wokin Babies!” requests.
Diane Farr

The tone and whimsy of Rockin’ Babies will speak to small children and their
parents, who will be asked to read the book over and over. I plan to add the
book to my professional development sessions and booklists. — Donalyn Miller

Fun, funky, and edgy! Rockin’ Babies is unlike any other board book I have
ever read. Kids will love it and parents will appreciate it on a whole other
level. — Dr. Tanya Remer Altmann

Rockin’ Babies is a great book to give to expecting or new moms and dads.
Reading this book will really get a smile out of any hip parent who wants to
have a good laugh. — Jill Spivack