Rockin’ Babies

Interview with the authors

Rockin’ Baby is a smart baby board book for hip babies with happening parents. The book has a humorous edgy theme using plays on words about rock stars to talk about every day babies and their experiences. Since every baby is the rock star of their family, parents will find themselves laughing out loud and babies will want them to read Rockin’ Baby over and over again.
Sterling Publishing, 2011

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Q:What inspired this book?

Dr. Jenn: My twin daughters, Quincy and Mendez, were born with severe reflux. My incredible mother came over every night to help me feed them. It wasn’t uncommon for a feeding to take as long as three hours and often they weren’t even able to keep it down.

Cynthia: As we shared the time together we talked about how our lives suddenly revolved around these babies; they were our “rock stars”. We were totally fascinated by them and every move they made was the subject of endless conversation. When taking countless pictures of them we would joke about how we were like paparazzi.

Dr. Jenn: We realized that all families feel this way about their own children and grandchildren. And thus Rockin’ Babies, the book was born.

How is this book different than other children’s books?

Dr. Jenn: Rockin’ Babies is an edgy, cool book. It is not just another children’s book with fluffy bunnies and cute kittens – in our book babies rock out with electric guitars and wear tee shirts with skulls and cross bones.

Cynthia: At the same time, the babies in the book are just adorable. Young children are able to appreciate this book on one level while grown ups get it on a whole other level.

Dr. Jenn: When I was researching my book SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years I learned that one of the best measures of vocabulary is knowledge of “rare words,” which are less frequently used words. I really wanted Rockin’ Babies to offer young children a sampling of rich vocabulary words while managing to entertain both parent and child.

Q:Dr. Jenn, What was it like writing with your mom?

Writing a book with my mom was a great experience.
Besides being an incredible woman and a spectacular mother, she is also a legendary
songwriter. She has written the lyrics for some of the greatest songs of the
20th century like, On Broadway, Here You Come Again, We
Gotta Get Out of This Place
, Just Once, You’ve Lost
That Lovin’ Feeling
(the most played song of the 20th century) and
the Grammy winning, Somewhere Out There (An American Tail).
She is one of the most creative people I have ever met. It was made even more
special by having my daughters in the room while we worked. to It took three
generations of women to write this book so it is only fitting that it is coming
out right before Mother’s Day!